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Creation Street Ave. Rules! [Please Read!]

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1 Creation Street Ave. Rules! [Please Read!] on Sun Jan 16, 2011 5:54 pm


*.I would like to see as many art styles possible here in Inkling. The reason for Creation Ave. Is so that people may sell their own creatures there. They will be official and will be roleplayed here on these forums.

*.If you want to sell your creatures here, send me a message with the creature and their description. Now, once it's been approved you can set up a shop. Remember you can't set up a shop up a shop until the fully finished creature has been approved!

*.The shop should contain: A roleplay post entry (optional) A little description about the pet in question. A few freebies (optional) One or two pre-made critters (optional) and a form for customs/randoms and a list of prices. Please make everything easy to understand.

*.One shop per species of creature.

*.You DO NOT get the Inks of any premade creatures you make, but you will earn the Inks of customs.

*.You'll also have to post your own topic in the Creature Ownership Lists and state if you'd like people to post in the thread or PM you for the trading of your creatures. It's YOUR job to keep it in check.

*.You will get payed AFTER you've sent the pet out. If a customer is forced to wait more than two months without a warning you'll get a not-so-nice flick on the ear from me~ 8D <33

*.If your pets can breed, it's up you to decide if they have to RP the pets getting to know each other on one of the boards or not first. Free reign with this, everything is your choice.

*.If you're over loaded with orders, ask one of the other artists/advertise for someone to help. This means you will have to e-mail them the PSD. Even better post an advertisement for it, just tell me who's helping you so I can adjust their rank.

*.When you submit creatures and open up a shop your rank gets changed to 'Inkling Artist'

*.Prices are up to you. Please be sensible, doing art for this kind of site means you have to be in it more out of wanting to do art than getting the inks really.

*.If you find that you no longer want to make the creature, please e-mail me the PSD and I'll find someone else willing to make them. Or if you're going on hiatus/vacation/generally busy I'll find a temporary artist for them. They will get the inks for every custom they do.

*.Pets should not be larger than 400 pixels tall. Length is up to you, but be sensible, please.

Buyers of the creatures, please note:

*.If the creature has 'restrictions' on it;
"Ex. This type of creature can't talk at all. Ever" Then stick to them, please. ^w^

*.You can trade creatures to other users once you've bought them. Please send the artist that made your creature a PM with the title 'Trade Note'(or post in the correct ownership thread), and give them an image of which creature you are trading and who it is going to. :3

*.You don't need to post in the Inks Transaction Thread for buying things here. :3

Please stick to the forms given. :3

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