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What Is This?

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1 What Is This? on Tue Jan 18, 2011 4:34 pm

"What am I? You ask. What am I?" The strange creature assumed an incredulous expression. "I'll tell you what I am." Said he, pausing for dramatic effect. "I, am a Hoolie and I can only be bought from the 'Other Adoptables Section' in a realm much more vastly populated than this one. You see, the artist which draws us does not wish to leave her home in the fair Lands in which she lives in, which unfortunately is quite some distance away from here. But fear not! My fine, Not-So-Feathered friend, you may still acquire someone such as myself to give you come company. If you happen to have some foreign currency with you, you may go over to those Lands and get the artist to bring a creature to life you you." After his speech the Hoolie cleared his throat quietly.

"Oh! I almost forgot! I swear I don't know where my memory is sometimes. You may find them here exactly. Let's hope you can bring a fine feathered feline back from your adventures over there." With that he jumps down from the fence he was sitting on, leaving the books he had behind him. Well... He's sure to remember them at some point, right?

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