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Who is his name.

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1 Who is his name. on Wed Jan 19, 2011 7:47 pm


Artist Inkling
Okay, so don't ask on how and why he was here, he was just here for no apparent reason. Its not like he was on a secret mission or anything. Wait i'm getting off track. So there he was at the heart of the caves with his paintbrush in hand, not knowing how he got there. Not even knowing his name. He just was there as if creation just spit him out and left him there. But as always a person has to get up and get moving at some point. He was as we will now call him, Who.

Who traveled to the cavern walls and looked at them. He then wipped his brush across the wall and made a weird shape. Then as suddently as Who had came into being, so did a streak of purple line, the line grew odd shapped legs and walked off. Now Who, who had never seen this before was puzzled by this. And so he did it again. But this time it was green, and instead of legs, it grew wings and flew away. So Who took it off as normal and continued down the cave. Not knowing where he was going.

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