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How do you Prononce "Confligilic?" (New Prices)

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Artist Inkling
[Rp post here please.]

A blaring sign flashes with Neon colors above your head. It flashes with the words, “Confligilic.” Confligilic? What is that? A 8 tailed fox sits in front of the shop. She looks at you interested. She smiles. “Welcome. Feel free to look around.”

You’re wondering how to pronounce Confligilic eh? I’ll help you on that. You pronounce it “Con-flig-i-lick.” Confligilic’s are foxes gone wrong. They represent fire with their long flowing tails and rather harsh personalities. There masks represent those of robots. The stories tell that the original artist had dreams of the future. She was a day dreamer. Some say she lurks in the shadows of Creation Ave. The foxes represent dreams of the future when people who are different can be accepted in normal day society. Confligilic’s have short fuse, though some of them do break the standards. Most of the time, they love to just relax and enjoy themselves. They tend to live in a solitary life away from the crazy society of Inkling.


Price: 25 inks


I’m really loose on the whole marking thing. I love having the originality. Please try to be as descriptive as possible so I can make them to your liking as best I can.
Custom: 35 inks
Random: 30 inks


Base color of body:
Pupil color (Leave blank if you want the normal black):
Iris Color:
Tip of tail color (You can have different colors. Please state):
Mask Color:
Second dot on the mask (Normally red. Leave blank if you want it to be left red.):
Nose color (Leave blank if you want it to be left the normal pink color.):
Chest fur color (Please state if you want it to be the same color as the tail tips as shown in the Pre-made):
Markings on feet (Please state if you want to have the flames on the feet. I won’t put those in without being asked. If you want something original, please let me know):

Most of these are optional. Please state in post if you want these or not. The color and stuff are not optional. That's just dumb. Use common sense please. XD

Add On Pricing

Small markings and accessories such as; tattoo’s, markings (Large ones too), collars, bandana’s, scars, ribbons, scarfs, swords, and knifes, etc. Are all free.

Large items as in things that are really hard to draw will be at a range from an extra 5 inks to 10 inks.

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Artist Inkling
(I'm holding this post hostage until further notice. xD)
(Shop has been Open for quiet some time now. Lol. XD)

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Artist Inkling
No more freebie, however, where still open.

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Artist Inkling
I'm taking the female. She makes me think of my Evelon character Insanity. I love it! Once I earn some more inks I'll buy a custom from you. I have to pay Mousen first for my 'dragon. You got the lables mixed up. The first one is male and the second female. Just so ya know.

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Lovely, taking a male.

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Artist Inkling
Thanks Talcen. I did that while recovering from sickness so that really doesn't surprise me. XD I'll update the Listings. XD

Thanks Saph! Very Happy

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