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Blizzard Spire (WIP)

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1 Blizzard Spire (WIP) on Fri Jan 21, 2011 6:03 pm


Official Muse Shooter
Currently Working on this.

The Blizzard Spire, as its name says, its a Castle-like building surrounded by crystals. Even if it might look like a cold place, it is a very hospitable home. It is still unknown where in the world of Inking is the Castle, but the mystery will be soon revealed as its habitants discover the truth about this odd place. Since the world of Inkling is a world that "almost anything" can happen, it is said that the crystals have some sort of mystic power.


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2 1 on Fri Jan 28, 2011 6:16 pm


Official Muse Shooter

Name: ???
Level: 1 Posts: 0
Gender: Female
Age:??? Birthday: N/A
Species: Summer Quetzal

Name: Wyordia
Level: 1 Posts: 0
Gender: Genderless
Age: 12 Birthday: August 1st
Species: Earth Wyndragon

Wyordia is the first and most well-known creatures in the Castle. Although she´s Genderless, she is considered Female. She is seemingly a very intelligent Wyndragon, her friends often seek her help on some occasions. She is very shy, however, when it comes to meet others she has never seen before.

Name: Adeiza
Level: 1 Posts: 0
Gender: Female
Age: N/A Birthday: February 8th
Species: Silver Bookwyrm Drake

Adeiza is a happy and highly energetic Drake that is somehow impatient at some times. Often careless, she can get into trouble quite easily. She easily gets along with others like Wyordia and Antoniette. She can be sometimes seen playing around with Antoniette.

Name: Antoniette
Level: 1 Posts: 0
Gender: Female
Age: 8 Birthday: April 20th
Species: Tiger Lily Cockatrice

Antoniette isnt like any other Cockatrice, She´s a very quiet, but cheerful person. She knows Rainsoul quite well, but not about his true story about his childhood. She is very good at gardening, she is often seen giving flowers to her friends, and keeps a garden in the large open space in the backyard of the Blizzard Spire.

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3 2 on Fri Jan 28, 2011 6:26 pm


Official Muse Shooter

Name: Shiodai
Level: 1 Posts: 4
Gender: Female
Age: N/A Birthday: June 1st
Species: Celestial Wyndragon

Name: Rainsoul
Level: 1 Posts: 2
Gender: Male
Age: 15 Birthday: March 17th
Species: Grey Cat

Rainsoul lived in the City of Inkling. He lived happily with his parents, untill he was kidnapped by unknown people for no reason. His parents came to their rescue, but the people who took him away managed to escape. Several years later, he got used to live with the ones who kidnapped him, but one day, his "owners" dissapeared. Left alone, he had nowhere to head to, but the Castle. He currently lives on the Spire, along with the many other creatures.

He is friends with Antoniette, but he has never told her about his sad past. He tries to forget those terrible memories and he keeps trying to enjoy his life with his friend, but he still wonders what happened to his parents after his old owners ran away. Rainsoul is often seen wearing a neckace with a Ruby that he found in his owners´ old home. It is said that the Ruby has similar powers to the ones the crystals surrounding the castle have.

Name: Larei
Level: 1 Posts: 1
Gender: Male
Age: N/A Birthday: N/A
Species: Echo Hydra

Larei is one of the few pets Rainsoul´s old owners had. He was the first pet of them. He does know about the sad story of Rainsoul, but decided to keep this as a secret. He doesnt seem to renember his old childhood friend much. A very brave Hydra who tries to show to others that size doesnt matter, he believes that he can show his true power desprite his small size.

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4 Keeping Area on Fri Jan 28, 2011 8:24 pm


Official Muse Shooter

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