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Floral Cockatrice

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1 Floral Cockatrice on Fri Jan 21, 2011 6:49 pm

Floral Cockatrices are brilliant bird-reptile-flowers, they are as beautiful as they are dangerous. Infact the artist that created them soon had to flee from his or her own creations as the rumours go. Though once 'tamed' they will never turn on their owner. Floral Cockatrices are known throughout Inkling as being incorruptible.

Devil's Fuge Cockatrice

Also known as the Mistletoe or Baldrsbane Cockatrice, this creature is deadly-poisonous. It's also a very festive and romantic bird, and it's common to give a lover one of these, as the plant they come from is traditionally a plant of kisses. They're not particularly violent, but they can be dangerous, especially since they can hit even some immortals. One must be careful when around them, however.

Tiger Lily Cockatrice

A much more safe species, these creatures are not venomous to humans, and parts of them are sources of food (not very tasty), though their flesh will give cats kidney failure. They can release a cloud of poison, their main defense, which will make one violently ill. However, they're beautiful creatures, and popular as eye-candy pets. It's relatively easy to remove the pods that produce the poison, though breeders of the race don't do this as it tends to make them less likely to successfully bear children.

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