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The Rules and Such Stuff.

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1 The Rules and Such Stuff. on Mon Jan 17, 2011 10:21 am

Before doing anything, you should know the kind of behavior we expect to be followed everywhere on the site, be it during roleplays or posts in the general chat section.

• No Chat Speak: use proper grammar, punctuation and spelling
Sure, you might be in a hurry and type in out of character 'gtg', but please try to use proper sentence structure, grammar, and spelling when you can. "Dud3 thaz Aw3s0m!" will easily get you in trouble. If your grammar is a bit on the lacking side you're more likely to just get a message from a mod advising you to do a bit better, but if you're using all chat speak on purpose it's going to be an actual warning. This applies to both grammar and spelling: "hi im new here" is not acceptable - please take the time to type "Hi, I'm new here!". It makes you look much more intelligent and mature and is easier on the eyes and brain to read.

• Rating/Age Friendliness
Keep your threads age friendly! Even if it's something that could possibly be found in a PG-13 movie, it might be offensive to someone. Put a small tag in your thread if that's you're running a little close to the rating.

• No Swearing
There is a 0 tolerance swearing policy. There is a swear filter in effect on the boards, and attempts to circumvent it will be dealt with. No, posting something to the likes of 'F***' in a roleplay doesn't count. Alongside swearing, please do not use language that might be offnesive to someone; please don't call things gay, for instance. It makes a sad Ray Sad

• No Harassment or Flaming
You don't need to be nasty to another player. Characters while roleplaying, sure, but leave your fellow players alone! If there is a disagreement between you and someone, either work it out civilly in PMs or bring it to one of the moderators to get some help. We'd like to keep everyone from hating on everyone, yes?

• No Whining, "Emoing" and Pity Parties
No emo emus! It might sound harsh, but we don't want to hear how sad your life is. It might lead to flaming, so please keep it to PMs if you and someone are discussing how horrible your life is. Our mods have a very, very.... very low tolerance for Pity Party threads, and they will be closed if spotted. You probably won't receive a warning for this, but please don't antagonize out staff in this way, as it is very unwise. Life sucks, then you die - we experience this just as much as anyone, but also know that whining never got anyone anywhere. If you really need a place to let loose, feel free to rant/whine in your journal. Those are personal, but do keep in mind that others may read them. Meaning, don't post something unless you don't mind others seeing it.

• Stay On Topic
Basically "follow the lead of the original poster", whether in a roleplay, auction or any other thread. If someone makes a thread in the General Chat section about music, don't go posting pictures of your cat in it. Common sense, really.

• No Spam
Related to the above rule - don't ramble in official threads or roleplay threads. If you want to just chat to someone, it can either be done through private messages, or you can talk as a group in the chatter section. Yes, talk freely in the chatter thread, but still at times you might be careful. Posting just 'okay' in a thread? Not really the best of things to do. It's not really talking. But we're not going to kill you for that. Now if you make a fully out of character post in a roleplay zone, then you'll receive an official warning. Since Inks is earned per-post in the RP zones, frivolous posts are cheating in a way.

• Theft and Plagiarism is Not Tolerated
Taking another's story, characters, art, or anything that you can think of (unless given permission) is against the rules! ((For that matter, you're highly likely to automatically be terminated from this site, seeing as how we do not put up with theft. If you're using something and have been given the okay, at least give the person credit or you'll still be taken out for theft/plagiarism))

• One Account Per Person
IP and behavior can give away your second account. If you're suspected of having a double account the admins can check through the different IP addresses you've used and see if you have the same as another user. If you disguise your IP your behavior will also give you away. Now this doesn't mean be afraid to have your sibling join you on Inkling. We'll be able to tell siblings from double accounts.

• Name Changes.
To get your username changed just message myself or Ray and we'll change it for you. Please be reasonable as to how many times it's changed, I do not want to be editing all the ownership topics over and over. Once your username is changed, you will have to log in with that, and not your old name. Don't freak if it won't seem to let you in, you just probably forgot to use the new name to log in. Your password will stay the same.

• Image Sizes
No images in posts are to be wider than 600 pixels! There's no limit on height, but be reasonable. If your image is ridiculously big, we'll ask you to resize it. If you cannot resize images, please post a link to the image rather than including it in your post.

• Consequences: Warnings
If you break rules, you will be given a warning or warnings. Warnings are like "strikes" - in the case of Inkling, five strikes and you're out. Out meaning banned, forever. Some offenses are worth more than one warning, so please be nice.

• No Religion
Yes, we understand. Your pets may be a devote monk and thus religion will turn up in your roleplay. What we mean by this is that in talking with other users, do not bring up any sort of religion from the real world. Sure your pet can worship it, but don't get in to a long conversation about different religions. We don't want to see any fighting over religion. Let your characters argue with each other(granted you don't upset the other roleplayer), but keep it away from everything else.

• No Politics
This is pretty much the same as religion. We do not want to see users arguing over politics, so just don't talk about it. We don't care if presidential elections are coming up, or if you think the Queen of England is a terrible person.

Yes they are in a similar wording to another, much more well known RP site. I was given permission to use them here~ <3

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2 Roleplay Rules on Mon Jan 17, 2011 4:27 pm

•No controlling another player's character/No god-moding
You can't do anything to another character without permission. You especially can't kill them! No 'power-gaming', 'god-moding', or whatever you'd like to call it. If you're going to do something like attack another character use something such as, "Moldivere let out a snarl as she lept for the other quetzal, aiming to tear into his shoulder with her fangs." instead of, "Moldivere flew through the air, her fangs tearing through Grim's wing and spilling blood all over the floor." Yeah. That second one? Not gonna work. First one is perfectly fine, seeing as how that gives 'Grim' the chance to move out of the way if the other roleplayer so wishes.

• Roleplay posts must be at least five sentences long[
We don't expect everyone to make grand posts that are five paragraphs long. We just don't want you to leave the other roleplayer with nothing to reply to. We'd like for everyone to have a fun time, so put some creativity into those replies!

If you're not in a roleplay section, you don't have to follow this rule. Just be careful that your post isn't just spam, seeing as how we're not very fond of spam.

• Follow the lead of the original poster
As well as the rule we have set up, people are allowed to add additional rules to their roleplays. If you join a thread where the original poster asked for only a certain type of pet, you'd better use that pet. If someone says to pm them before just jumping in, pm them and ask if you can join! If a thread is marked "P" or "Private", don't join! You might PM and ask, but some people might get annoyed at that if they don't already know you.

• No OOC-only posts
OOC stands for "out of character". If you have something to discuss about your roleplay, PM it to the other participants! Frivolous posts in RP areas are cheating in a way, since each post there earns Inks and you're supposed to work for that Inks.

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3 Submitting Creatures on Mon Jan 17, 2011 4:45 pm


*.I would like to see as many art styles possible here in Inkling. The reason for Creation Ave. Is so that people may sell their own creatures there. They will be official and will be roleplayed here on these forums.

*.If you want to sell your creatures here, send me a message with the creature and their description. Now, once it's been approved you can set up a shop. Remember you can't set up a shop up a shop until the fully finished creature has been approved!

*.The shop should contain: A roleplay post entry (optional) A little description about the pet in question. A few freebies (optional) One or two pre-made critters (optional) and a form for customs/randoms and a list of prices. Please make everything easy to understand.

*.One shop per species of creature.

*.You DO NOT get the Inks of any premade creatures you make, but you will earn the Inks of customs.

*.You'll also have to post your own topic in the Creature Ownership Lists and state if you'd like people to post in the thread or PM you for the trading of your creatures. It's YOUR job to keep it in check.

*.You will get payed AFTER you've sent the pet out. If a customer is forced to wait more than two months without a warning you'll get a not-so-nice flick on the ear from me~ 8D <33

*.If your pets can breed, it's up you to decide if they have to RP the pets getting to know each other on one of the boards or not first. Free reign with this, everything is your choice.

*.If you're over loaded with orders, ask one of the other artists/advertise for someone to help. This means you will have to e-mail them the PSD. Even better post an advertisement for it, just tell me who's helping you so I can adjust their rank.

*.When you submit creatures and open up a shop your rank gets changed to 'Inkling Artist'

*.Prices are up to you. Please be sensible, doing art for this kind of site means you have to be in it more out of wanting to do art than getting the inks really.

*.If you find that you no longer want to make the creature, please e-mail me the PSD and I'll find someone else willing to make them. Or if you're going on hiatus/vacation/generally busy I'll find a temporary artist for them. They will get the inks for every custom they do.

*.Pets should not be larger than 400 pixels tall. Length is up to you, but be sensible, please.

Buyers of the creatures, please note:

*.If the creature has 'restrictions' on it;
"Ex. This type of creature can't talk at all. Ever" Then stick to them, please. ^w^

*.You can trade creatures to other users once you've bought them. Please send the artist that made your creature a PM with the title 'Trade Note'(or post in the correct ownership thread), and give them an image of which creature you are trading and who it is going to. :3

*.You don't need to post in the Inks Transaction Thread for buying things here. :3

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