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Abel's Second Chances Store [PG]

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1 Abel's Second Chances Store [PG] on Thu Feb 03, 2011 10:28 am


Crazy Snake Lady!
You walk into the store to find it reeking as if it was full of dead animals. Which was not actually far from the truth, judging by the amount of taxidermied corpses. The man at the counter - tall, lanky, and pale as a corpse - greets you.

"Hello. We sell...second chances here. Cain!"

You're not quite sure what the mutant monstrousity that jumps up onto the counter is. It looks like someone cut up a bunch of random animals and sewed them into one hideous lizard/crocodile/horse/bear/cat, which, you are informed, is exactly what happened.

"Cain was my first try ever. He was like a brother to me - we got adopted by this cool old guy who died from being all old a while ago - but I've gotten better since. Fern!"

One of the taxidermy lizards gets up and trots over, and in its glassy eyes you see a strange speck of life.

"Every one of these looks different. If you just want a pet, we've got spare dead bodies lying around. If you happen to have any corpses, however, we'll happily use those."

He slips you a piece of paper.

Abel's Second Chances Store
Warning: we are most experienced with reptilian flesh. Be prepared for mutant monstrousities either way, though.

Creature Wanted (If you have a corpse, affix an image, please :3 one of those newfangled imgs should work fine otherwise just list a species/multiple species):
Any Notes?:

"We charge 150 inks a piece. I apologize, but unlike most, we aren't simply recoloring lines. We're recreating life here."

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