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The Laughing Pantheon.

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1 The Laughing Pantheon. on Mon Jan 17, 2011 11:10 am

As you may or may not know, some terrible affliction struck most of the gods down and caused them to lose their minds at one point in time. Before that, when they were busy keeping up the inside joke known as Inkling they were known as The Laughing Pantheon.

Bywyd- God of Life. Spends his days laughing and doing little but. Completely insane.

Marwolaeth- Goddess of Death. Rarely seen. Possibly one of the sanest left.

Anhrefn- Goddess of Chaos and Storms. Possibly the most dangerous goddess left, she's also the one that people see most often, not that many live to actually tell people that they've seen her.

Daear- Goddess of Earth. Locked herself away in a tree in an attempt to escape the insanity. Followers believe she's still sane. Everyone else believes that the reason she locked herself away in a tree in the first place was because she was insane.

Afon- God of Lakes, Rivers and Seas. Nothing is known.

Pranxtor- God of Fire. Has a fondness for sandcastles. Tends to giggle alot when spoken to.

Aer- God of Air. Nothing is known.

Rhyfel- God of War. Thrown from the Laughing Pantheon by the Goddess of Peace. Practically powerless now, goes by Grim.

Tawel- Godess of Peace. Spends hours at a time screaming. Cursed the god of war.

Amser- God of Time. Is very, very ecenteric. Spends his time trying to invent an hourglass that runs backwards.

Cariad- Goddess of Love. Nothing is known.

I will add some more info about the various gods and goddesses at some point~ :3

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