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Lucky Eggs!

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1 Lucky Eggs! on Fri Feb 04, 2011 5:47 pm

"Oi! You! Yeah, you! With the face! No, not you buddy, if that's a face I'm a green cockatiel with rollerskates. You! Yes, you! How many times do I gotta say it, for it to sink into ya think skull? I ain't going to be waiting around here all day." Oh my, this creature certainly had something of an attitude. He was mostly red and appeared to be some sort of dragon-like creature. He certainly had a big mouth for something that would easily fit into the palm of your hand. "This way! You'll like this." He tells you as he zips through the crowd. There seems to be no point in arguing. Dodging this way and that through crowded and not so crowded streets, he finally leads you back to the familiar street known as Creation Ave. It would seem he's intent upon leading you to one of the many stalls that line that once grand street.

"'Ere we are!" The little red dragon said, flourishing his little paws. "Lucky eggs! It's the luck of the draw what you get and what you get is what you get! And you get something amazing! You get a lucky dragon! Like me, only less awesome. But I wouldn't worry, nothing's as awesome as me, and these are more awsome than most things." He assures you, nodding his tiny head. "My name's Makio, first ever Lucky Dragon made. Our artist is very reclusive and she doesn't like being disturbed all that often, so she won't take customs. But no fear! Me and Flower," He gestures towards a green, lucky dragon. "Take care of everthing all you have to do is take one of us home. So, you want one, right?" He looks down towards a small clutch of colourful eggs, each resting in a nest of cotton wool. There's no way they'd ever be as troublesome as Makio, right?

Eggs are 30Inks each, and each one is unique. :3

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