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Pet Stats?

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1 Pet Stats? on Sun Feb 06, 2011 10:52 pm


Official Muse Shooter

First of all, is this the appropiate area to post this?

Im not a geek or whatever, just had this idea on mind. I think I have heard something similar to this in the Updates section, but, Oh well!

Sooo...title explains it all. Im planning on making some base stats for each of the pets made so far. Also, some RP rules that have to do with the stats. Like, uhm, similar to Evelon...


5 Posts = Level 1
10 Posts = Level 2
15 Posts = Level 3

And so on.

As for the pets, I will work on stats for them. If everyone agrees with me, then I would be glad if someone PMs me with all of the current pets, and I will make a thread with their stats accordingly. About Battling, its something I think Mousey will work on soon. I never RP-battled before, so I really want to do so.

...Dont ask. I somehow felt the urge of helping this site with something, I just had to! Dx

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2 Re: Pet Stats? on Mon Feb 07, 2011 4:25 am

Ray's doing the stats, Wyvern~ :3 That and I didn't want it to go up by RPing posts because it becomes too much like Evelon. x3; And you have to keep track ect. XP;; If you want to help, please PM me, mainly because we've got most things planned or have ideas for them. I didn't really want stats to have to do with rp'ing, mainly because, again, it's like Evelon, and for someone who's RP'ed their pets previously and then wants to go into battling it becomes a bit of a chore. You've seen how everyone moans when they have to recalculate stats for whatever reason.

Me? Working on battling? XD I barely know my eight times table, let alone work on a battle system that involves maths! XP That's Ray's job, among 20,000 other things which she's taken it upon herself to do.

I think that we were going to have the owner's of the lineart of the pets chose out the stats for the creatures, since not all the official descriptions are wrote up yet and they know them best~

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3 Re: Pet Stats? on Mon Feb 07, 2011 9:50 am


Crazy Snake Lady!
I was thinking about Pokemon. Do you guys like Pokemon? We could rip off Pokemon. The damage formula is well balanced and SUPER EASY.

Damage = ((((2 * Level / 5 + 2) * Attack Stat * Attack Power / Defense Stat) / 50) + 2) * STAB * Weakness * Random # (85-100) / 100 is the pokemon formula. It's a lot easier than it looks. I'll do an example now! :3

Bob the cat has 142 attack, Mary the dog has 168 defense. They're both level 50. Random number is 100. Bob uses Lol attack, which has 40 power and is normally effective. Bob is Lol type, just like Lol attack.

Damage = ((((2 * 50 / 5 + 2) * 142 * 40 / 168) / 50) + 2) * 1.5 * 1 * 100 / 100
Damage = ((((100/ 5 + 2) * 142 * 40 / 168) / 50) + 2) * 1.5 * 1 * 100 / 100
Damage = (((22 * 142 * 40 / 168) / 50) + 2) * 1.5 * 1 * 100 / 100
Damage = (((22 * 142 * 40 / 168) / 50) + 2) * 1.5 * 1 * 100 / 100
Damage = (124690 / 168 / 50) + 2) * 1.5
Damage = 18


new question? How do we level up? Do we get EXP for battling? From posting? From -legasp- BOTH? From giving me money?

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4 Re: Pet Stats? on Mon Feb 07, 2011 4:46 pm


Official Muse Shooter
Yes, I LOVE Pokemon! xD

Sure, we can, Ray! Too much math, by the way

new question? How do we level up? Do we get EXP for battling? From posting? From -legasp- BOTH? From giving me money?

What do you mean with that? If its what I think, then its mostly like Evelon. We can make multiple ways of leveling.

First way: Just like Evelon, 5 posts = 1 Level. All Pets gain +1 on each of their stats.

Second way: In battles, yes, you get EXP. Because setting a certain amount needed to level for each Pet on every level would be confusing and hard to keep up, it would be very difficult and others would get lazy to keep track of the EXP. So for example...

My Wyndragon is level 11 and needs 1,500 EXP to reach Level 12.
My Gray Cat is level 14 and needs 2,300 EXP to reach level 15.

My Wyndragon reaches level 14, the same level as my Gray Cat, so she needs the same amount of EXP as my Gray Cat to reach level 15, which means 2,300 EXP.

Third way: Similar to the two other ways of Leveling, there might be a new area in this where you can train. Yes, you can fight with another person so togheter you can both gain EXP and Level both pets faster. There will be some other pets that you will battle against, and you gain EXP by defeating them.

Fourth way: Money? Maybe that, but we can make items that add EXP to our pets If we are too lazy to go RP and level them They wont be that expensive, but not that cheap. Just in case you need a EXP boost or two. Also, we might even add some items that add Levels. But if we do, then they would be very hard to find. Yes, we can sell such items if we ever get one of them in our hands when they are out of stock on the shop where they are selled.

I think I failed, I need to work on something else that requires less work on.

Also, Ray, I can help with the pet stats...

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5 Re: Pet Stats? on Mon Feb 07, 2011 5:33 pm


Crazy Snake Lady!

That's a good idea. Maybe have postings be worth an amount of EXP? Like...20% of your current needed-for-next-level?

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6 Re: Pet Stats? on Mon Feb 07, 2011 5:42 pm


Official Muse Shooter
Horray! xD

Sure, good idea. So:

5 times 20 = 100 = 1 Level

Also Ray, would you like to have a test battle with me? So we can try how good is the Battle System you´re planning on currently is going.

How far have you gotten with the Pet stats?

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7 Re: Pet Stats? on Mon Feb 07, 2011 5:44 pm

I'll go and make a battling area, I suppose. -slinks off- x3

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