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The City Of Sand {P; Aunt & Sapph}

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1 The City Of Sand {P; Aunt & Sapph} on Sat Feb 12, 2011 3:11 pm


The Fortune Jackalope walked into the white gates of the large city. Inksplat City was once the vibrant city, so the rumors stated. He looked around the entrance of this place and couldn't see what was once special about it. Maybe the town's people over exaggerate about this place, or maybe it was just him. Taking a deep breath, Ailani continue to walk a long the walk pathway. Why was he here? That was a question, that even this Jackalope couldn't answer. There were to many people here. The Jackalope wasn't to fond of others. Ailani had to pretend to happy and force himself to talk to others. There were people going in and out of shops, he wasn't happy beginning here, but he shrugged that though aside. There wasn't much he could do about that problem, right now. He looked around the white tall buildings. Ailani saw that the streets were clutter with colorful sand. He heard rumors that this place was hit a by a sandstorm not to long ago. Maybe something good would happen here, or maybe not.


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2 Re: The City Of Sand {P; Aunt & Sapph} on Sat Feb 12, 2011 9:21 pm


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The Baku fox made its way through the streets. Why were so many people here? He shifted his weight slightly as he walked. The crowds grew thicker as the time passed. It bugged Somber as much as it would anyone he has meet. Most of the people he's been around are, indeed, rather claustrophobic. Somber was told to fetch some water and bread. Those were the only ingredients left for Auntie to finish her master piece. Somber had no clue as to what this "master piece" was, he only knew she bragged about it continuously. Lost in his thoughts, Somber was pushed over by a sudden crowd. He was shoved into a wall, and hit the ground. He slammed his head into the wall and the ground. Anyone who passed, didn't notice. They kept on with their business. "H-h-help...." Somber moaned weakly. Most of his strength was fading from the large gash in his forehead.

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