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Dancing With Death PG-13 XD

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1 Dancing With Death PG-13 XD on Thu Feb 17, 2011 3:51 pm


Artist Inkling
Well this is the story where my lovely muse, Bree, originated from. I wrote this lovely little thing. I'll only post a tiny bit of it at first, and if you want more feel free to PM me or, like post here? XD So here we go~ XD

Their is some swearing and er, well theirs also some blood. Read at your own cost. XD

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2 Re: Dancing With Death PG-13 XD on Thu Feb 17, 2011 3:58 pm


Artist Inkling
I looked down at my hands where a single glowing cross lay. It glowed a light green. It was like the sorrow that slowly engulfed my heart. I turned to the window. The darkness outside somehow comforted me. I laid down, not letting go of the cross, which I would eventually anyways. I looked up at the dark sky. The stars were blinking. Do they realize there the only ones? Are they afraid of their inevitable future? I let go of the cross and fully laid down on my bed. I closed my eyes. Dreams would haunt me this night as well.

How long ago was it I was standing in my bedroom? 8 years? I smiled. It was amusing. Who would think that a stupid little girl sitting in her bedroom one night would turn out to be the government's number one fear? And number one partner. I smiled as the realization hit me. I was the greatest. Nothing stood in my way. I nodded and held the cross I held that night.
My watch buzzed. "I'm getting really sick of having to deal with these calls all the time. There's no time for shut eye anymore." I sighed and grabbed my favorite coat. A red trench coat that looked much like Dante's from Devil May Cry. I was wearing my favorite black jeans and my black T-Shirt that stated, "Rated G for Girl Gamer. May not be suitable for you or other dudes." It was my favorite outfit to kill things in. I zipped my boots up and laid my pistols in there holsters on my sides. I picked up my sword and gently tucked it into its sheath and slung that around my shoulder.
I looked at the bow and arrows that laid on my bed, looking utterly rejected. I walked over to them and patted them. "Next mission. Promise." I nodded then left and locked the door behind me, out into the night air.
The stars continued to twinkle. I smiled. The moon was full, the greatest time for a job. I grinned and ran out toward the street. I took my keys and put them into the ignition. I grabbed my helmet to place gently over my hair, which was unmanageable as of late. I smiled and turned the key. It groaned to life as I sped off into the darkness.
My hair flew back behind me, along with my coat. My hair streaked into the night like a black bird. I rushed past other traffic, making honks fill the night.
"Aw shut up. I'm in a hurry." I sped on into the night. I was told to go to a shop called Bob's Blades. Original name much? But it sounded like my kind of place. The government has been getting many reports that stated that there have been weird things that go on in there. I smiled, getting myself excited for this job.

I pulled into a parking space and removed my helmet. My long black hair danced out, the pony tail not letting it do the things it wanted. I brushed part of my red streak out of my face. It got annoying at times. I walked forward; the lights in the shop were dimed, except the blatant light that showed in the back of the room. A couple of thugs, obviously drunk, approached me.
"Hey there babe. I like your motor cycle. Wanna take mine for a spin?" He approached me. Liquor reeked on his breath.
"I don't have time for you," I said, walking toward the doors.
"Hey! Baby! Don't run away!" He grabbed my shoulder. That's when I ticked.
I pulled my sword out and cut a slash right across his face. "Never show your face to this world again," I hissed.
He looked at me like a deer in the headlights. "Git!" I said, and he and his partner ran off. I laughed. "Pathetic."
I wiped the blood that was on the tip of my sword off on the ground, and returned it back to its sheath. I walked over to the doors of the store. They wouldn't open, so instead I kicked them down. I smiled. "Thanks for the warm welcoming," I muttered.
I walked toward the light that showed in the back. I went to the door which separated whatever was behind it and me. I knocked on the door and then proceeded to kick it down.
What was behind the door almost made me laugh. There was a group of men, old men, around a table. There was one young man who had a young woman on the table that stretched through the center of the room. The man was looking up at me as if it was a terrible thing that I was in here. Okay... It was.
"So... I heard you've been doing some bad things eh?" I snickered. This wasn't funny but something about it struck me as funny.
The man stood. I pulled out my pistols, ready to shoot. He beckoned me to sit down.
"Why hello. You seem like a rather kind lady. Why not join us?" He said.
"Like hell I would." I sniffed and recognized the reek of blood. The girl on the table had two puncture marks on her neck. "Great more vampires," I muttered. "So you perverts are vampires eh? Well nice to know some more butt's like yourselves have taken her hostage." I rolled my eyes and jumped on the table. "Looks like it might be a good time for you to die." I flipped a switch on the guns, which normally wouldn't be there, and shot the vampires around the room in the head with the bullets. Dust fluttered around the room, replacing the men who once where there.
I picked up the girl. Luckily the blood had stopped. I knew why they were on the list for me to take down. It said that they were doing 'bad things to woman.' I connected the two and figured they probably were pureblooded vampires; the only kind that can turn humans into vampires. I took the girl onto my motorcycle and rode back to my apartment.

I was reading a newspaper, and managing the fire that burned brightly in the stove. The girl I rescued earlier was unconscious on the coach. I pulled out my guns and decided to polish them. I threw the newspaper I was reading into the fire. I heard the girl begin to stir. I turned my head towards her. "Good Morning." I looked at the clock. It was 6am. I've been up all night.
The girl quickly sat up. She looked around frantically and turned to me. "Where am I?!? Who are you?!? What happened?!?" She jumped onto her feet, but quickly collapsed back down into the coach.
"Careful or you'll break something other than your pretty face." I muttered.
"Why does my neck hurt so bad... And my throat... And Jaw..." She moaned.
"Relax. It'll all come to you in due time."
She grabbed my arm. "Tell me what's going on."
"Have you ever heard of vampires?"
"Yes, but they don't exist."
I snickered. "You so sure about that? Look in the mirror and smile."
She followed my instructions. I led her into the bathroom and pointed to the mirror. She smiled at stared at the reflection. She jumped backwards and fell into the bath tub. "No need to get so excited." I said, reading my book.
She grabbed me and turned me to face her. "Does this mean I'll sparkle when I go out into the sunlight?"
I face palmed. "God no. You have to be careful when going out in the sunlight because you'll get a sunburned, then turned to dust. So cover up, not like you are now." I examined her mini jean skirt with a blue tank top and high heels. "Seriously. I swear if you're one of those bitchy little popular school girls, I'm gonna kick you out of my house faster than you can say "Bob the Builder."
She gave me a rather unhappy look. I rolled my eyes. "If you need anything let me know. 'Cause I can help." She looked at me confused. I shrugged and turned to walk out of the bathroom.
She followed me.
I took my shoes off and through my coat on the coach and proceeded into the kitchen.
She followed me doing the same.
I turned around. "Are you gonna follow me around everywhere, I'll kick you in the shin."
"Please, I don't really know what's going on so could you explain? Oh! And what's your name?"
"First off, I'll explain later. The names Bree. Give me your name then tell me what you want for breakfast."
She smiled. "Bree... Such a pretty name! I'm Beryl. I prefer to be called Berry though. And how about pancakes with eggs and bacon! Oh and toast with butter! And Milk!"
"Okay shut up and sit at the table," I snapped before she could say anything else. She seemed to shrink. I walked into the kitchen and began making breakfast.
Berry eh? I hope she doesn't turn out to be too much trouble. It's rather odd though. Having someone else in the house since... That day... It has been a while hasn't it? She should be pretty easy to deal with though, which is good. I nodded to myself as I cooked the Bacon. It's sizzling was calming. It made me smile.

When everything was done, I took the food to the table. "Eat up," I said. I gave Berry her plate and she smiled at me.
"Thank you for the food. You're so kind." She ate, quietly shoving her face.
I walked over to the living room with my breakfast and looked at the newspaper. No good jobs were listed this week. I threw my feet up on the table top and laid back to relax. It was a long night, and I was pretty tired. However, I knew I had an important task at hand. I needed to get Berry some clothes. She wouldn’t go too far strolling in the streets like that.
I flicked my long hair. I probably should cut it off because it was already down to my knee caps. I frowned. Not happening. I thought. It was nice to not be alone for once. I twitched slightly and turned to face Beryl, a rather unhappy look on my face.
“Why, might I ask, are you staring at me?”
She smiled. “I’m just looking at you because you have such pretty eyes.” She said happily.
I looked at Berry as if she was completely off. "You're kidding right?" I asked.
She shook her head. "I mean it!" She smiled sweetly then turned to finish her food. I
I turned, dumbfounded, and continued to eat my breakfast. I finished and put my plate, along with Berry's in the sink. "I'm gonna take a quick shower. Feel free to knock if you need anything." She nodded and I turned and headed back into the bathroom.
I grabbed some clean clothes out of my room and went into the bathroom. I closed the door and set my clothes and my clean towel on the toilet. I took my long hair out of its pony tail. It stuck out in the oddest angles, making me look like a complete mess. Well I was, so I guess it fits in the long run.
I took my clothes off one by one and stepped into the warm water that was streaming steadily out of the shower. It was calming after a hard day's work. It's gonna take some hard adjusting to get used to having her around. It might also be a problem due to the fact I have one bedroom, and my coach isn't a futon. I guess what I can do is just have a sleeping bag and give her my bed. It is big enough for the two of us.. I frowned. "No," I muttered out loud "Not happening."

After I cleaned my hair, I stepped out and dried myself. I pulled on a turtle neck sweater. It was green and the left sleeve was missing. It was warm and fluffy though. I pulled on some jeans, and socks and combed through the jungle of hair. I walked out into my living room to see Berry looking rather pail.
"Are you okay?" I asked, slowly approaching her. I didn't want to get thrown up on.
"Something's wrong.... It hurts...." She looked at me and her eyes were red, and not her usual teal color.
"So the beast has come out. What I meant earlier when I said if you need anything, I was talking about this. Since your now a vampire, you'll need blood to help sustain yourself. I'll give you some of my blood if you need it." I walked over to her and picked her up and dragged her into my bed room. "It'll be less messy in here," I said.
I sat Berry down in front of me. "Your choice. I can either give you blood myself, or you can try your fangs."
Obviously, instinct had overcome her. She was behind me and held my head in her hand. She tilted it slightly to the side. She pulled down the top of my turtle neck so she could reach my neck. She licked my now exposed neck and then sunk her fangs slowly into the flesh of my neck. I felt the blood seep out and I felt the warmth. I heard the sucking sound as my blood slowly was engulfed by her.
I remember this feeling all too well. Why did I do such terrible things to him? We were so close, and yet, so distant. Tears fought their way to the surface. I bit my check till it bleed to hold the emotion inside. Berry slowly pulled away from me. I looked at her, blood running down her chin. My blood. I thought. I swept my finger under her chin to grab the blood. "No blood should be wasted." I licked my finger and then stood up. "Better feel better now." I muttered.
Berry looked at me with such a terrified look. She looked as if she had done a great sin. I sighed. "Hey, think of it this way, I'll make sure you pay me back later." I winked and then turned away. I tilted my head over my shoulder and said, "If you're tired sleep on my bed. We'll go out at noon to get you some clothes." She nodded and I walked off into the living room.
I pulled a cover over my body and closed my eyes. So let's go over the events of the day shall we? I was sitting around in my house, after a previous mission, when I got a phone call to go save the girl. I killed about 20 vampires and saved a girl named Berry. She was turned into a vampire, and let her into my house and gave her blood. Let me guess. Tonight's dreams are gonna suck. I relaxed and drifted off into my conscious.

I awoke to feeling warm hands on my face. My head as throbbing and I was freezing. "What happened?" I muttered groggily as I opened my eyes. I saw Berry looking over me with a concerned look.
"You fell off the coach when you went to sleep. You look like you're in pain." Berry frowned.
"Nah, I'm just fine." I looked over at the clock. "2 already? Let's go and get you some clothes, were already 2 hours late." I stood up and put my black converse. I looked at Berry and frowned.
"Let me get you some clothes, one minute." I walked into my room and picked up a hoodie and some pants. I walked out and handed them to Berry. "Go try them on," I commanded.
She nodded and walked into the bathroom. I grabbed my ponytail holder and pulled my hair back into a semi manageable pony tail. It wasn't the best, but there was no way I would comb through all of my hair just to put it into a good looking pony tail.
Berry walked out, and smiled. "There a little big but they'll work for now." She examined herself and grinned wider.
"Good now let's go. Be sure to stay close to me and not get lost in the crowds or that could pose us a problem." She nodded and we left my apartment after I locked it up.
I walked toward the street when Berry decided to break my thin train of thought.
"Why are we walking when you have a motor cycle?"
"Part of keeping my identity as secret as possible. Also, how do you know I have a motor cycle?"
She smiled. "When you rescued me, I wasn't 100% knocked out, just close. I remember hearing the roar of the engine." She gave a rather disturbing smile and seemed to be in a day dream.
"I officially don't care anymore. Let's go," I muttered.
We walked in silence till we got to the store I had in mind. Unfortunately, I'm rather poor, so I can't afford anything fancy, unless it's a designers coat, for myself.
"Oooh! I know this store! I used to go here all the time!"
"Really? It seems like a rather run down place for you to find your clothes here."
She turned to me and grinned. "I buy things here and fix them up! No one knows of my talent except you!" She ran inside.
"Oh great," I muttered.
I followed Berry into the store. If she lives in this city, I wonder if her friends are around... This thought slightly disturbed me. "This could be bad," I muttered to myself. I caught up to Berry, but it was already too late.
"Berry hey! Since when do you come to such a rundown place like this? Your job not paying enough?"
"Oh hi guys! No, I only came to mock the clothes. There so ugly in a place like this, ya know?" Berry said. One of her 'friends' saw me pretty much looking like an idiot in the middle of the store, looking at Berry.
She leaned over to the girl in the middle with the poofy brown hair and whispered something. The middle girl walked over to me and looked at me up and down, as if examining me to see if I passed a test or something.
"Who are you?" She said in such a snarky tone.
"Oh? Me? I'm er, Berry's friend."
She looked at me as if I was mental. "You think your friends with her? Obviously, you need to get out of la la land."
I frowned. "Don't talk like that to someone who can kick your sorry little ass."
She flicked the bottom of her head slightly up and looked at me, once again, like I belonged in a asylum. "You are stupid to think that. I have a boyfriend twice your size who is in over there, and is coming to teach you a lesson." She smiled like an evil little princess.
A kid, who was at least a few inches, maybe a foot, smaller than me, walked up to me and frowned. "You messing with my girl?" He asked like he was the king of the world.
I rolled my eyes. "Okay, first off, she started it. Second off, don't start anything, or I swear, I will mess you up so badly you'll never go out in public again."
He looked at me. "Let's take this outside than."
I looked over to Berry and frowned. "Fine squirt. Your decision. I'll take you with my hands tied behind my back, literally." I took a piece of rope I keep in my pocket, and had Berry tie my fists behind my back. "Don't ever follow my examples," I muttered in Berry's ear before turning to teach a young man a lesson.
"Okay, here's a pro tip. Give up now, or you may never be able to have children."
"Quit being so cocky!" He said. I shrugged.
He ran at me, and I slightly moved over, as he sped off into a wall. "Why you-" he screamed, why aiming for another attack.
I dodged, and maneuvered behind him and jumped up and kicked him to the ground with my feet, and landed. I then swiftly kicked him in the back. "Loser," I smirked. I looked over to see Berry laughing. Her 'friends' didn't look to pleased about it. The boy sat up and grabbed my leg.
"That was a mistake," I muttered. I quickly snapped my leg into the boys face. He looked up at me like a deer in the headlights. I snapped my knee back then quickly snapped my foot into his groin. The look on his face after that was priceless. "Don't say I didn't warn you." I winked at him, snapped my hands out of the rope, and blew him a kiss.
Berry looked at me and smiled. "Let's get our shopping done and go home."
"Sounds like a plan." I smiled at her and walked back into the store.


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