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Interesting Titbits.

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1 Interesting Titbits. on Mon Jan 17, 2011 1:35 pm

Just random facts about Inkling.

The sky is purple. It varies between a really deep purple when it's about to rain and a very light lilac. During sunrises and sunsets it often goes very orangey-pinky.

Inkling has four and a half moons. We're not sure what happened to the other half of the fifth moon.

Lleuad- The largest of all Inklings moons, it spins on a very fast orbit and it's full every three days. It's very pale for a moon, though has a slight orangey touch.

LĂșa- The Smallest of all Inklings moons. It orbits Lleuad. At times it seems to just look like a venemous green swirl as it's a deep purple and bright green. The orbit seems to be very random it appears all over Lleuad. We think it just likes upstaging the other moon.

Lucin- A very dull moon. It's a beigey-grey-green-blue and doesn't tend to be awfully bright. It has a rather slow orbit and only appears to be full once every six weeks. Oh, it also turns bright orange every third Wednesday of the month.

Kuu- A very small moon, this moon is also one of the prettiest in Inkling. It's a very bright silvery-gold. It's orbit varies on it's mood. Depending on how it feels it'll appear full every two weeks or every two months. It also has a habit of trying to eclipse the other moons when it feels like it.

Wiseong- The half moon. It never appears full, it seems like half of it just... Fell off? It's a dusky pink in colour and it sheds moon dust during the colder nights. It's half full every too weeks.

There are no set seasons in Inkling. One day it'll be summer and the next it'll be spring. Well, they tend to be a little more subtle than that. But there was one occasion of it being thirty Celsius one day, then minus thirty Celsius the next. The only place where it's one season for any length of time is Everfall Forest-- Hence the name.

Inks, the currency in Inkling are small black coins. They are very flat and don't have much weight to them. When dropped on a hard floor, however, they make a loud noise like breaking glass.

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