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The Libraries

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1 The Libraries on Mon Jan 17, 2011 6:12 am

The Everfall Forest was so scenic this time of year... Infact it was scenic all year round. Not that it matters since we're in The City Of Inkling rather than Everfall Forest. The inhabitants of this place get madder by the day, just as most of Inkling does. Silver fish dart down the alleyways, their sixteen stalked eyes waving frantically as they do so. Four-Legged hairy ducks chase after icey cats while stone dogs watch impassively from the rooftops. It's an insane place, the imposing black skyscrapers and cobbled black roads are vaguely frightening, even on the main street. The trees all seem to have a slightly yellowing tone to their leaves. (That's what you get for being so close to Everfall forest) And the purple sky swirls ominously. The grey-ish-lilac clouds seem to be getting darker by the minute-- threatening rain.

It better not be blue again, you had enough of the blue rain rain last week. It soaked your clothes and soaked your skin, turning you an unhealthy blue-ish shade. Let's hope the rain when it falls today is a slightly better colour. Green would go lovely with your eyes.

Upon turning the corner your breath is taken away. Here lies the only library in The City of Inkling, for it is the painted city that holds most of the books. It's old and decrepit, but it still holds the beauty it did in it's youth. Large spires of twisting black stone and exquisite sculptures frame the large building, but it isn't that which takes your breath away. It's the great blue glass done which sits atop the black stone library. Pushing open the door, the smell of dust and old books hit you suddenly, despite making you cough, it's not entirely unpleasant. Books upon books like the walls, leaving little room for windows. Books lay in piles on the floor even the large wooden tables and dust covered arm chairs are filled with books of one kind or another. While some make sense, others appear to be just nonsense. In some of the books the words aren't even there at all, just blank spaces and the odd comma or number. If only you understood the secret of those books which baffled you, it might shed some light on why the place was empty... Still, atleast you had the roosting bat-owls to keep you company while you read...

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2 Where Chaos Begins. on Mon Jan 17, 2011 7:06 am

Holding Pen~

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3 Where Chaos Begins. Part Two on Mon Jan 17, 2011 7:19 am

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4 Further Chaos on Mon Jan 17, 2011 7:32 am

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5 The Artists Of Inkling on Mon Jan 17, 2011 9:07 am

Travers MillPond

Travers just wanted a quiet life. Quiet lived don't exist in Inkling. It was apparent from a very early age that Travers was an artist. He can hold a paintbrush in his beak and paint creatures with the best of them. Like almost all artists he lives in The Painted City, painting over the walls with his distinctive style marvelling at how the creations fall from the walls. Truth be told Travers is one of the best artists there has been for a long while. He lives under the constant pressure of people telling him he's the one the oracle speaks of. It doesn't help that he indeed does work with paint and therefore bleeds paint when injured. Travers is very reserved and extremely introverted. It's rare you'll here a single thing come from his beak, in all honesty he's a good kid that just wants to be left alone to paint. Having said that, if you come to him to talk about art alone, or perhaps what creature he's dreaming up then he'll talk for hours. It's merely the fact he's forced to live everyday looking over his shoulder that makes him so introverted. It doesn't help the fact that the young man is a magnet for trouble. If there's a riot going on no doubt that Travers will be in the middle of it, trying to escape some how. All he really wanted was a quiet life.

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6 Those Abandoned. on Tue Jan 18, 2011 3:20 pm

Rhyfel 'Grim'.

Once the Goddess of Peace, Tawel, was through with him Grim soon found out he had more enemies than he thought. He's innear-constant pain from the curse the Goddess is in and it gets worse the more insane she gets. It seems that he's going to be stuck with it for a long, long time yet. On first glance he seems to be nothing more than a simple undead quetzal, it's a shame really, what's he's been reduced to. He's pretty much scraping the bottom of the barrel as far as living goes, if you even want to call his existence that. His half sister (an illigitemite demi-goddess) is out to cause him as much pain as possible, being the Demi-Goddess of Injuries that goal is quite easy for her to fufill. Not only that his main follower, Gwenwyn (who's name strikes fear into all those that didn't keep to the few laws that The City of Inkling had) turned against him when she (like all great followes of the gods) were humilated when the gods went insane. Grim, however, is far from insane. He may be a little unhindged but he is far from the level of insanity the other gods held. Not that many know this, they believe him to be just as crazy as the other gods, if a decent part less powerful.

Grim himself is a strange fellow... He attempts to seem optimistic alot of the time, sadly it doesn't really work. He was always pretty reserved as gods went and he much preffered planning and strategizing than actually fighting. He can be cunning, don't think he hasn't got some sort of plan to return himself to his rightful place. The only thing he seems to have kept is the ablility to cause the people around him to start a riot, it often makes for a brilliant escape. Despite everything said about him, he is actually pretty caring. Years of being at the bottom of society has left the god of war being more empathetic towards people in general, which is almost a little sad considering how many people are out to cause him pain.


Slightly derranged, Moldivere is desperate to murder her half brother. Why? We assume it's something to do with jealously. But really it's difficult to tell with her, she's very much unhinged and it's not good when someone as her becomes more than a little bit crazy. She's the illigitemite child of one of the gods, being a Demi-Goddess she wasn't included in the Pantheon, but strangely she suffered like The Laughing Pantheon, though being only half a goddess she only suffered half as much. The curse took it's toll most certainly. She's possibly the only person alive that knows that Grim didn't suffer like the rest of the pantheon did. If anything the news made her even more twisted. Moldivere is a dark character and she likes to get what she wants, her slight insanity hasn't done anything to her intelligence her mind is every bit as sharp and as cunning as it had been previously. Being a Demi-Goddess of injuries it's unwise to get on her bad side. Her main flaw, perhaps is that she's easily flattered, which is a probably a useful thing to know if you ever run into her.


Possibly one of the worst enemies of Grim, Gwenwyn has many reasons to want revenge. Grim often (accidentally) makes himself out to be the good guy in the whole mess, to some extent he is. Though at times he's been far from virtuous. He never liked to have too many enemies walking around, that was when Gwenwyn came in. She was, in short, an asassin for the god. It didn't help that shortly before the gods went insane that she got caught and Grim refused to help her. She's a rather bitter soul, hell bent for revenge. Which, when she can catch him, she frequently gets. She's extremely stubborn and refuses to see reason when she's approached about some subjects.

Though, after having children she seems to have mellowed a little. It seems she really does have a more caring side after all. Not that she'll ever be completely sweet, but she certainly can be kind when the moment suits her. It honestly depends on her mood, for one thing Gwenwyn is known for being unpredictable. She's fiercely loyal to the two children that live with her and the other two that live with her mate. Not only that she's known for being a vicious fighter, one which won't forget any of your wrong doings.


Branwen was always different, that showed. she was always going to be the strange one of the family. Once she grew it was apparent she was an artist, something which made even her mother fret for her safety. Though Branwen seems to be very different from the normal type of Artist. She refused to go with what wanted to be drawn and she only draws what she wants to draw, a feat for an Artist. She doesn't draw creatures, the things which appear out of the ink for her are more often weapons than anything else. Branwen takes her ablility and uses it to her advantage while fighting, she's possibly an more formidable opponent than her mother, because unlike her mother she's got a secret to keep. Once you've seen what she can do, you won't ever get to tell anyone about it. The only people that know about her gift are her family and even then they know little about it. Infact they know little about her, Branwen is someone who tends to act rather mysterious, she likes to have secrets. She prefers it when people don't know alot about her.


Corvus has always been a little over protective, he acts alot like his mother in that respect. He worries especially about his sister, Branwen. Her abilities scare him, and not alot scares Corvus. He takes after his mother in the belief that Grim should be punished for the embarrassment he caused the family. He's extremely hotheated and tends to go on his first instinct rather than thinking things over. It's often up to Branwen to act as the brains of the family, something the secret Antana hates doing. When he can be forced to slow down, Corvus is extremely cunning and an excellent planner. He's very honourable and unlike both his mother and sister he won't use underhand moves when fighting, which means he looses more than he cares to admit. Having said that, if you need to find someone there isn't a better tracker this side of Inkling, tracking seems to be his passion and the only thing that seems to make him show any real emotion. Oh, his other favourite hobby seems to be making sure that no males come within a five male radius of his sister, much to her chagrin.


Orion is the leader of a small group of people that reside in The Painted City's clock tower, some of them are Artists on the run or those that look put for the artists. He, himself, isn't an artist but he likes to look out for those that are, he strongly believes in the Oracle Arrat's prediction and he does his best to look out for all artists, he often spends his days watching the comings and going of Creation Ave. Many of the artists owe their lives to him. He's the heroic sort and feels it's the right thing to, to save people. He's heroic, not stupid, however. If he really believes you've got no chance he's not going to jump in there only to be killed too. It's just not practical in his opinion. He holds little reguard for anyone that hasn't first earned his respect, he holds a special facination for Branwen, it's lucky for him that Corvus hasn't yet noticed. Mainly because Orion is one of the few people that Corvus actually likes. He's a rather likeable person all in all, he's a pretty calm fellow. If very, very stubborn.


Orion's tiny companion that seems to follow him wherever he goes. The little creature is obviously very young and he seems to have quite to soft spot for it, though it does refer to him as 'daddy' and Branwen as 'mommy' which has proved to be very amusing on several occasions. Especially when Corvus or Gwenwyn is in the room. Or Cyrn for that matter.

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